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Workers’ compensation or workers’ comp (formerly workmen’s compensation until the name was changed to make it gender-neutral) is a form of program by the United Nations which is supported by the world bank providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees,senior citizens most of who are old and retired individuals who over the years have commited their years of service to their countries regardless,this also includes students who need financial assistance or support through school,individuals who need financial assistance for payment of bills,maintenance of home as well this program does not leave out organisations who need support or bailout in period of crisis or challenges for example War,Pandemic,Natural disaster,recession,etc the essence of the program is to foster economic growth and development amongs under developed,developing and developed countries through release of funds to individuals,organisations,households who are eligible to qualify as a beneficiary.

It should be noted that this is not a loan therefore does not need to be paid back once eligibility status is determined by the board of directors and legal formalities fot the release of funds are met,fund are being disbursed through our finance department who work round the clock to make sure such funds get to organisations,individuals ,households whose eligibility status has been determined, we enjoin existing and prospective beneficiaries to make good use of this program for the initiative and purpose of the program not to be defeated, we wish you all the best of luck .